LoveChania - History of Chania-Crete
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Chania is a magical place, full of history and invided by mythology. It is a few km from the legendary labyrinth of Minos and boasts many archaeological sites throughout the region.
Like the rest of Crete, it was the birthplace of the Minoan civilization... Having been for many years a colony, it was part of the Roman Empire of the East under the name of Kydonia.
After the Fourth Crusade under the Venetian domination it becomes a prosperous center of commerce and a land of long battles with the Turks... Chania was conquered in 1645 and belonging to the Ottoman Empire until 1898, the year when Crete became an autonomous island and its capital Chania, at the end of the Greco-Turkish war. During the Second World War, Chania collapses under the bombardments of the Nazi army, what made popular the famous battle of Crete.
After the union of the island with Greece, Chania kept its title as the regional capital until 1971, then attributed to the city of Candia known today under the name of Heraklion.
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